Why Invest in a Boat Lift?

There are a number of reasons to own a boat lift, the first being convenience.  Go boating when you want.  Additionally, having your boat on a lift as opposed to keeping it in the water or on a trailer offers many other advantages such as; water kept boats are subject to wind, waves, algae buildup, bottom paint deterioration, etc. Trailed boats are subject to travel time to and from ramps, ramp wait times, ramp fees, backing trailer issues, trailer maintenance (tires, lights, bearings, rust, license plate fees), towing accidents, owning the proper size vehicle, etc.  Also, let's not forget that a boat lift will add value to your home.  

Synergy Boatlifts Features & Benefits

Synergy Boatlifts feature an all aluminum "bolted frame" which provides approximately 30% to 40%more strength than conventional welded frame boat lifts.  Our "Toggled Cradle Pulleys" reduce wear and tear on the cables and the pulleys thereby increasing the lifespan of your cradle cables.  Additionally, Synergy Boatlifts cable winding shaft is outfitted with Service Free top bushings to ensure a more worry-free boat lift.  We design our lifts using "Intelligent Design" which allows our components to work in harmony with each other thereby creating a more reliable and dependable boat lift.  Because our lifts are designed, engineered and manufactured in house we are better able to make modifications or custom designs to meet our customers needs.   

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