Boat House Lifts

Boat House Lifts


  • Radio Remote controls

  • Automatic stop switch

  • Walk Boards

  • Service Platforms

  • Elevating plat forms

  • Steps

  • Shallow water cradles

  • Beam covers

  • Gang ways or Loading Platforms

  • Floating dock ramps

  • Other custom applications.


The boat house option applies only to locations that allow canopy roof options. Please check with one of our dealers who will let you know if this option is available in your area. 


Synergy can adapt most of our boat lifts to conform to a boat house lift situation. 

  • Standard Boathouse lifts include: Direct Gear Drive boxes with enclosed motors and aluminum bunks.

  • the photo on this page illustrates a typical boat house lift.

  • The cable winder shafts run parallel to the keel of the boat, however, we also make lifts that are perpendicular to the keel.


Our brackets use the strength of the entire beam unlike many of our competitors.  No need to drill or alter the truss system.  Just bolt it and go...


Remember that we can customize a lift for you.


  • 6061-T6 Aluminum structure (No structural welds)

  • Service free top bushings.

  • Stainless steel hardware and and cables.

  • Grooved Cable winders

  • Aluminum bunks

  • Strongest Cradle ends in the industry.

  • Toggled cradle pulleys (Greatly decrease cable wear).

  • Strongest and most adjustable cable guides in the industry.

  • Easiest and most accurate cable adjustment.


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