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A stronger and more reliable product in design and function

Better profits - no onsite welding - assembles in less than 2 hours



We have designed our Synergy Boatlifts with the end user in mind by giving them a safe and stronger (30% to 40%) and more reliable (worry free) boat lift that will meet their needs year in and year out. 


Our Toggled Pulley System creates less wear and tear on the cables and pulleys.  Our Service Free Top Bushings mean less CUSTOMER MAINTENANCE.

Our All Aluminum Bolted Frame means higher profits for our Contractors.  Our four post two motor vertical lifts can be easily installed on existing posts by 2 people in less than 2 hours.  Additionally, there is no need for expensive onsite welding or the worry of an improper welds.  

The bottom line is that our Contractors are providing a better boat lift that costs them less money out of their pocket while providing their customer a superior and more reliable boat lift.

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