Radio Remote Controls  Making your boating experience easier and better.  Our GDL (Gear Driven Limit Switch) lifts allow you to pre-set the lower and upper limits that the cradles will travel.  In other words, if you forget to stop the lift as it is going down or up you do not have to worry about the cradles resting on the bottom or being too high where it may damage your canopy or boat house. This is a great safety feature.  Our GD (Gear Driven) lifts are also compatible with our remote control, but they do not feature a limit switch.  


Walk Boards  Our Walk Boards are mounted on the cradles beams and are available in different lengths and widths.  Our most common size Walk Board is 20' x 16" and are available up to 32'.  If you do not have a wrap around dock, Walk Boards are great addition to our boat lifts allowing you to service your boat (wash, clean, polish, load and unload).  One or two Walk Boards can be attached to either the port or starboard side of your boat lift or both sides.  Also, steps can be added to a Walk Board for easier access into your boat.  Additionally, we can add service platforms to aid you in servicing your engine..  


Elevating Platforms  When raised, your boat sits on top of what appears to be a solid platform that transitions into the main platform.  This type of boat lift provides a clean smooth look to your home and eliminates the industrial look of a standard vertical boat lift.  More importantly our Elevating Platform lift makes loading and unloading your boat easier and safer.


Automatic Stop Switches  Our Automatic Stop Switches are designed to take the worry out of operating your boat lift.  When lowering your boat, our switches can be preset to stop your lift cradles from hitting the bottom which may cause your cable cradles to become twisted or loose.  When raising your boat, our Automatic Stop Switches can be preset to stop your lift from raising your boat too high, eliminating the fear of your boat hitting the boat house roof or canvas cover.   


Steps Steps can be an essential part of any boat lift.  They provide ease of loading and unloading your boat and provide a safety feature for passengers boarding and un-boarding your boat.  We can design steps for almost any application.  Our steps are made from high grade aluminum with welded hand rails. Wood steps are subject to wood rot and loose screws and nails which renders them unsafe.

Shallow Water Cradles  Our Shallow Water Cradles are designed for those applications where the water depth is much shallower near the seawall side of the lift than it is on the open water side of the lift.  Our cradle support seawall side beams are angled upwards in such a fashion that they allow the cradle support beam on the open water side to ride much deeper than the seawall side of the cradle support beam.  This application has solved many concerns of boat lift owners as to how can they get a boat lift to work properly on their property. 

Beam Covers  Our Beam Covers are designed to protect the boat lift cables from exposure to the elements. Additionally,  Beam Covers act as a safety feature by keeping unsuspecting hands off the lift cables while it is going up or down.  Also, they provide a more finished look to your boat lift.

Cable Keeper  Our Cable Keepers can be installed to ensure the cables remain tight on the cable shaft in case of an unforeseen accident such as high waves, cradles resting on the bottom due to low tides, etc.  

Gangways/Loading Platforms  We design, engineer and manufacture almost any size gangway or loading platform.  Additionally, we can also design an appropriate handrail for your gangway or loading platform.  In most instances handrails are necessary to ensure the safety of those persons using the gangway or loading platform.  

Floating Dock Ramps  are designed to be attached to your stationary dock via a hinge and rests to your floating dock via wheels.  This allows your floating dock to raise and lower with the tide or other water actions while the ramp remains fixed to your stationary dock.

Custom Cradles  We understand that all boats do not have a generic hull type.  Because we design, engineer and manufacture all of our boat lifts we can design the perfect cradle for our boat.  "Should fit" is not a term we use when it comes to making sure a Synergy boat lift cradle fits your boat.   

Other Custom Applications  We have over 35 years designing, engineering, and manufacturing boat lifts and their accessories.  We have solved numerous custom wants and dreams when it comes to designing and engineering the boat lift or accessory that best fits the application.  We are anxious to make your boat lift "yours".

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