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Synergy Boatlifts

  • All Aluminum, Bolted Frame gives our boat lifts 40% more structural strength than conventional welded frame boat lifts.

  • Toggled Pulley System designed to run horizontal to the cable shaft, decreasing wear and tear on both the cables and the pulleys.

  • Service-Free Top Bushings eliminate the need for greasing.

  • Strongest Cradle End in the industry.


Your Lift


Synergy boat lifts

Synergy Boatlifts' engineering and design will perfectly align with your boat type, dock application and/or waterfront property. Whether you're working with a small canal, need to accomodate for HOA regulations, or have a whole dock to yourself, we can customize any lift to fit your needs.

What makes Synergy boat lifts different?


Our all aluminum bolted frame is the foundation that makes Synergy Boatlifts the most trouble free and long lasting boat lift on the market today. We do as few welds as possible, and bolt to ensure the strength of that area.

Our toggled cable pulley system eliminates cable twist and reduces the wear and tear on the cables, which makes for a more efficient, and longer lasting boatlift.


Our number one goal is to design, engineer and manufacture a superior boat lift that you can count on for the lifetime of your boat.


No crossing or twisted cables


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