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Synergy Boatlifts are 40% stronger than conventional boat lifts

Synergy Boatlifts unique "Toggled Pulley System" greatly reduces wear and tear on both the pulleys and the cables

Synergy Boatlifts come standard with Service Free Top Bushings



making your boating experience easier

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Synergy Boatlifts - a superior product dollar for dollar and feature to feature than any other boat lift on the market.  

 Buy with confidence when you choose Synergy Boatlifts.

We offer full manufactures Warranty with all of our products.

All of our designs are covered by full product liability insurance.

Custom designs are available

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*Synergy – A combination where the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

(ex 2+2=5)






Our all aluminum bolted frame is the foundation that makes Synergy Boatlifts the most trouble free and long lasting boat lift on the market today

Our number one goal is to design, engineer and manufacture a superior boat lift that you, the customer, can count  on.


Please visit our "About" page to learn more about the company and our founder, George Becker.  

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40% Stronger


Toggled Pulley System



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